Best health & wellness direct selling (MLM) companies ( Best Nutrition & Healthcare products)

We all know that “Health is wealth” & There is nothing more blissful than having a healthy body. We also know that If we have a healthy body & mind we can achieve  any goal we want in life.

But How many of know about the right diet for our body?

Do we genuinely understand what is our body’s exact requisite to be functional in a more productive way?

What is our literacy rate about health & wellness & why we should learn about it considering our life style as per today’s day & age?

There are many wellness companies who have answered above all questions & consistently helped people around the world in not only maintaining healthy lifestyle of entire family but also to achieve financial freedom with their fantastic business models.

During this time of pandemic i.e., COVID 19 most of the health organization like WHO have reiterate verbalized about why it is obligatory to increment immunity to fight against this disease & many more akin to these.

Also because of the pandemic people around the world are not only losing their lives but also jobs because of the global recession happened due to lockdown.

It is well said in the book the business of the 21st century by Robert T. Kiyosaki about the study by times magazine that “Recession is the best time to start your business”

Below is the list of health care companies who have grown tremendously & proved themselves as market leaders because of their fantastic products.


Herbalife International is established in the year 1980 USA by founder Mr. Mark Hugh is a nutrition & weight Management Company helped people pursue a healthy & active life. Herbalife has presence in more than 90 countries & have more than 2.3 million independent associates

Their motto is to make the world healthy & happy. Herbalife has wide range of products for people of all age group. Below are enlisted

Weight Management / Nutritional food products

  • Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix
  • Personalized protein powder
  • Cell-U-loose Advance
  • Multivitamin & Mineral herbal tablets
  • Cell Activator Tablets
  • Herbal control

Targeted Nutrition

  • Activated fibre
  • Aloe plus
  • Herbalifeline _ supplement for healthier heart
  • Dinoshake Nutritional Children’s Drink Mix _ best suitable children
  • Joint Support
  • Herbalife Calcium Tablets
  • Active fibre complex
  • Niteworks
  • Herbal Aloe concentrate
  • Simply probiotic

Energy & Fitness

  • Afresh Energy Drink Mix
  • H24 Hydrate
  • H24 Rebuild Strength


Amway Corporation founded in 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, Amway has presence in more than 100 countries & world no. 1 direct selling company. Amway has variety of brands as per below list. Out of which Nutrilite deals mainly in healthcare & nutrition. Below are some best selling Nutrilite products

  • Bodykey Nutritious Delicious shake mix
  • Nutrilite Daily
  • All plant protein powder
  • Nutrilite Fibre
  • Glucosamine HCL with Boswellia
  • Kids Drink
  • Fruit Drink mix
  • Cal Mag D Plus value pack
  • Energy Drink orange
  • Whey protein choco


Forever living products

Forever living established in 1978 by founder Rex Maughan has presence  in more than 160 countries. Forever living has 100s of  healthcare & beauty products. Nutritional Products are mostly Aloe vera base & it is said as Aloe vera company. They also have high quality Bee products Below are some of the best selling products

  • Forever Lean
  • C9
  • Forever Garcinia Plus
  • Forever Therm
  • Forever Supergreen
  • Forever Ivision
  • Forever ARGI+
  • Vital5
  • Forever lite ultra
  • Forever Bee pollen
  • Forever Bee propolis

Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+

 Juice Plus + founded almost 50 years ago by Jay Martin, has presence over 20 countries. It focus mainly plant based diet i.e., fruit & vegetables nutrition. They priorities juicing & drying method that preserve full nutritional value, They believe in testing every capsule in state of the art facilities that meet or exceed the highest standard among the food industry. Below are few product from Juice Plus+

  • Complete By Juice Plus+ Shake Mix
  • Complete By Juice Plus+ Snack Bars
  • Fruit blend
  • Vegetable blend
  • Berry blend
  • Omega blend


Nikken deals in many other brands apart from Nutrition like personal care, Environmental products rest & relaxation products founded 1975 & has presence more than 20 countries. Their mission is to help people discover active wellness. They provide the means with the 5 pillars of wellness 1. Healthy mind 2. Healthy Body 3.Healthy Family 4. Healthy Society 5. Healthy finances

We have listed below main Nutritional products by Nikken

  • Jade green zymes
  • BDZ
  • Bergisterol
  • Kenzen daily pack for men
  • Kenzen daily pack for women
  • Lactoferrin
  • Super Ciaga Powder
  • Ten4 Energy Drink mix
  • Total Vegan Drink Mix
  • Clarity
  • Cleanse & Detox
  • Kenzen Immunity
  • Kenzen Joint
  • Mega Daily 4
  • Omega Green + DHA


Arbonne founded by Petter Morck in 1980 have presence in 6 countries so far. Arbonne provides 100 % vegan products . They have collaboration with leading experts in integrative medicine and holistic health like Mr. Raja Sivamani MD, MS, AO. Arbonne also deals mainly in botanically based Beauty, Health & Wellness products. Below are some Nutrition products by Arbonne

  • Arbonne Essentials
  • Weight Management – Arbonne Evolution
  • Sports Nutrition – Arbonne Phytosport
  • Supplements – Calcium Plus


Melaluca established in 1985 by Vandersloot deals in nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care, and household cleaning products . Melaluca has been ranked on Inc magazine’s list of their nations 500 fastest growing privately held companies.They have the largest online wellness shopping club in North America. Melaleuca has 400 variety of products of all healthcare brands. Below are some best seller nutritional products by Melaleuca

  • Peak performance women
  • Peak performance total longevity
  • Vitality Calcium complete
  • Vitality Multivitamin & Mineral 50+
  • Florify Daily probiotic
  • Vitality coldwater Omega -3
  • ProstAvan prostate support


Neolife has presence in more than 36 countries was founded by Jerry Brassfield. Many People around these countries with Neolife promoter opportunity have their successful startup, called Nutrition Startup. It’s kind of tech startup with Nutrition as a product. They don’t believe in creating brand awareness with ads on TV & splash marketing campaigns.  Instead they believe in people & do it through people. Instead of spending of advertisement they pay to their promoters based on their performance. Neolife mainly deals in Nutritional products, Also in cosmetics , Home care. Below are some best seller product by Neolife.

  •  Neolifeshake
  • Neolife Tea
  • PhytoDefense
  • 3 Day Detox
  • Acidophilus Plus
  • Neolife Bar
  • CoQ10
  • Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus
  • Pro Vitality
  • Magnesium Complex


Mannatech A Pioneer in Glyconutrition was founded in 1995. Mannatech has a global presence in more than 26 countries & has over 145 patent. They have Aloe based products & they enjoys an exclusive partnership with Natural Aloe de Costa Rica (NACR), Who are manufacturer of premium Aloe products in Costa Rica. Below are some of the best selling Nutritional products by Mannatech

  • Advanced Ambrotose
  • Ambrotose LIFE
  • Ambrotose AO
  • BounceBack
  • CardioBALANCE
  • GI-Defense
  • ImmunoSTART
  • OsoLean
  • Sport
  • Empact
  • TruPLENISH Nutritional Shake


One more Nutrition company in this list is Shaklee which established in year 1956 has provided safe, proven & 100% guaranteed Plant based Nutrition. Shaklee’s products are backend by 71 patents & many more are pending. Shaklee’s products have been proven by Athletes, Space commander & many other people. Like nutrition Shaklee also deals in cosmetics & home care products also. Below are some of the best selling Nutritional products by Shaklee.

  • New Life Shake
  • Vitalizer Gold
  • Vitalizer Men & Women
  • NutriFeron
  • MindWorks
  • Advanced Joint Health complex
  • OmegaGuard
  • OsteoMatrix
  • CorEnergy

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