Hello Friends, Welcome to Your health mug

Let me introduce ourselves.

So friends Your health mug  is all about health & wellness & here I will be sharing information about how to regain your health if you have any health issue, How to reshape your  body shape,

How to maintain ideal weight according to your height.

And the most important How to live happy life not only for you but also for your family.

So friends you all know during this time of the pandemic, many people are not happy because they have contaminated with CORONA Virus & struggling to recover& many other people have fear of this disease because every day they have to step out of their house for work & to earn bread & butter for their family.

Many people die all around the world.

& until the vaccine comes we have to be very careful & safety needs to be taken.

All the health organizations around the world & even WHO has informed us that people with low immunity are more likely to suffer from this disease. So there is a threat for our children, old age people, diabatic people & many other diseases.

And because of lockdown all around the world normally we are not going for morning walks, not getting enough sunshine, pure oxygen which is all required to maintain our immunity  & also exercise is not enough.

So what is the solution, How we can increase our immunity, How we can fight this disease or even if we get contaminated with this disease or any kind of disease how we can recover faster?

Because of this disease, we are not living freely & are not living a happy life.

So, What do you think, first of all, is our diet is enough to provide the required nutrition to our body to have that level of immunity.

or this we need to understand Agriculture & farming. The way it is done today. Increased usage of fertilizer & chemicals for farming have substantially reduced the nutritional values in vegetable, rather I would say it has become more poisonous.

Here on this website & our youtube channel Fuel Junction, I will be providing more information about our agriculture system. Also about the nutrition which will help you to have good health & more energy for your daily work. Also how to live medicine free life & how to live a happy & meaningful life. So stay tuned with this us & thank you for visiting our website, please subscribe to my youtube channel Fuel Junction.